Hybrid Homes is a novel concept of housing and construction conceptualised and pioneered by Hybrid Homes (pvt) Ltd and its technical partners Hybrid Construction (pvt) Ltd to bridge gaps that currently exist within the construction industry. Hybrid Homes have been in operations since 2012 and successfully completed many projects in Sri Lanka using this novel construction technology. Hybrid Homes is genuine eco-friendly solution, which uses shipping containers and other recyclable materials for construction. Hybrid Houses provides an array of advantages against the conventional housing.


  • Value for Money - Luxury finishes at low cost. Cost per square area is less than conventional construction. 
  • Mobility - Houses are mobile and can be relocated to a place of your choice at a minimal cost.
  • Fast Delivery - Delivery within 30-90 days depending on the design and type.
  • Ready Made - Pre-designed Houses ready to be purchased. Special Offers.
  • No Red Tape - Regulatory or Municipal Council approval optional. 
  • Minimal Investment in Land - Can be built in an extent less than 5 perches of owned or leased land. 
  • Modern Styles - Range of designs to suit your lifestyle. Flexibility of adding units.
  • Safety & Comforts - Temperature Controlled, No lightning or Tsunami risk. Termite and Corrosion free.
  • Life & Warranty - Built as per ISO Standards. Lifetime warranty backed by maintenance.
  • Eco Friendly - Manufactured from recyclable materials. Options to integrate solar power and natural water.


2nd Floor, Landmark Building
385, Galle Road
Colombo 3, Sri Lanka
Telephone: +94 11 7209176,  0777 703535
Hotline: +94 777 702227
Web: www.hybridhomes.lk
Skype: hybridhomeslk

Hybrid Construction Technology (HCT), Hybrid Homes and all other Hybrid products and solutions are registered intellectual properties of Hybrid Homes (pvt) Limited . 
Any unauthorized use of the same without written approval of Hybrid Homes (pvt) Limited shall result in legal action.