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Hybrid Office

Hybrid Homes, the pioneers of Hybrid Construction Technology (HCT) in Sri Lanka which uses shipping containers as its core production material unveiled one of its flagship projects by delivering a 2 story Furnished Hybrid Office/Storage facility to the Colombo Commercial Court within 48 hours. This is a unique multipurpose facility that consist of File Storage, Multi-pupose Office, Security Camera System any other additional features.

Hybrid Homes has set itself a record in the construction industry by delivering a unique 1000 Sq feet, 2 storey building within a span of 2 days which has never been done before in Sri Lanka.

Apart from the fast delivery of this high quality building, our architects have taken an extra effort blend the new building with the surrounding 100 year old commercial court by creating a mirror image of it on the façade of the new building. More than any of these record achievements, Hybrid Homes is truly proud to be associated with the Commercial Courts of Sri Lanka and to provide a facility to meet with its urgent requirement.