Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Hybrid homes are made from containers. How would you control corrosion?

A shipping container is a special, non-corrosive Corten steel; then, when coated with the marine paint, it becomes virtually rust proof and also prevents fungi, mold and is highly antiseptic.

2.     Sri Lanka being a tropical country close to the equator, is very hot and humid. How would a hybrid house made from containers control the temperature?

The exterior of the container is painted with Marine paint which reflects the sunlight and keeps the heat to a minimum level. Also a 50mm thick insulation foam is fixed to the internal panel which is further covered with gypsum board. The insulation increases the thermal efficiency and ensures a temperature below 28c. Moreover containers have ventilation points. These are also being effectively used to reduce the heat within the container.

3.     How could the hybrid house be protected from lightning and thunder?

During lighting containers act as a faraday cage by distributing the electrostatic charges around the exterior of the house structure. As a result there will be no harm on the people living inside the house.  Protection is more than a conventional house since the whole structure is double earthed.

4.     What is the durability of the house?

Containers have the strongest structure compared to wood, concrete or normal steel buildings and also it has a shelf life of over 20 years in the rough weather conditions during sea transportation. Containers when used for housing construction shall result in extension of its shelf life due to static environment and other conditions. Hybrid Homes provide lifetime warranty on all its products subject to maintenance.

5.     Why do you say it is an eco-friendly house?

The core material used for Hybrid Homes which is a container, itself is made out of 85% recycled steel, and is fully recyclable if demolished. Also other materials such as Gypsum Boards, GI pipes, Wood Composite panels and vinyl carpets which are used in building the Hybrid Homes are all recyclable material. Hybrid Homes also have option to add solar power and rain water preservation.

6.     How will the house be protected from termites?

The house is completely termite free because the structure of the house is made out of steel and the interior cladding is done using gypsum boards which are resistant to termite attacks.

7.     How many floors higher can it be built?

The hybrid home designs can be made up to 3 floors high without reinforcement and 6 floors higher with reinforcement. As we all know in a cargo vessel containers are stacked up to 6 levels with cargo inside.

8.     How can you move the house?

First the house will have to be de assembled into movable parts and transported to the required location using proper utility vehicles or if there is no proper access to the land by road we can provide the facilities to air lift it.

9.     Why does it take less time to construct?

It takes less time to construct because we use the container itself for the structure of the house and it is just the matter of adding the additional components to make it a complete house. Also our team of expert employees have been in this business for over a decade and are highly professional and experienced.

10.  How safe is it against theft?

Hybrid homes functions just as any other conventional house. However it is much safer than a normal house. The walls of the house are entirely made out of steel and a thief cannot break through it unless he tries to cut the wall which requires heavy machinery. The glasses used for Hybrid Houses are stronger than the glass panels that you find in many wooden windows. If the client requires more safety through the windows we are able to fix grills as well.

11.  Can it be insured?

Yes the house can be insured just as a normal conventional house.

12.  How should the maintenance be done?

The house needs to be maintained properly just as any other house. If a client needs such assistance they can sign a maintenance agreement with our company to make sure the necessary actions are taken on time to increase the durability of the house.

13.  How to get electricity and water?

Electricity and water supply can be obtained from the respective authorities without any problems through standard application process. Hybrid Homes can provide necessary plans and technical details if required by the authorities. The client shall bear the cost of these utilities and undertake to provide it along with the land.

14.  What about the foundation of the house?

There is no need to spend a large sum of money on putting the foundation like it is done for a conventional house since it only requires four corner posts to anchor a container.

15.  Does it require any approval from the municipal authorities?

Under the Sri Lankan current laws and regulations Hybrid Homes are considered as semi-permanent houses. Therefore there is no need to obtain any municipal authority to build a Hybrid Home in your land.

16.  How will the waste water be disposed?

The owner should do the necessary ground preparation to place the septic tanks to dispose the waste from the kitchen sink and the toilets and the pipe connections from the house will be connected to the tanks during the construction process.